Fresh Herbs from Guernsey for over 20 years!

We are commercial herb producers situated in Guernsey in the Channel Islands where we have 20 acres of modern glass. Guernsey is in an excellent location for Horticulture, enabling us to take full advantage of the warm summers and mild winters allowing production throughout the year.

The Hairy Bikers on their Guernsey visitOver the last 20 years our business has had to adapt rapidly to supply an ever increasing market. The herb trade has changed from being a fairly unconventional sporadic niche market to what is now a common commodity. However, there is no time for complacency in this ever changing climate. As demand has increased so has supply and, importantly consumer attitudes. These attitudes triggered by many, 'health scares' have become far more cultured and constantly require higher standards.

We minimise the use of pesticides by Steam Sterilisation and the use of Biological Control. With regular soil analysis we are able to reduce the use of fertilisers. All equipment and boilers are regularly checked so as to ensure their efficiency and minimise pollution. All waste is separated and recycled where possible.
We have undertaken a tree planting programme on our Nurseries to enhance their environmental aspects. To ensure this we are Members of Assured Produce, LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) and British Herb Traders Association. They have strict procedures which they Audit us against. Our pack house and vinery are at the standard required by our supermarkets and we offer complete traceability. We believe we offer an excellent product and personal service, we will always try and obtain the weird and wonderful for you - just ask us!

In order to ensure high quality herbs they are handled only once, cut directly into punnets, chilled and dispatched cool chain. We aim to be the freshest on the market. We have several depots throughout the UK. Please click here to see a map of their locations.

Our Responsibility to Customer and Consumer

It is our responsibility at Fresh Guernsey Herbs to supply our customer and consumer with a safe top quality product that has been produced in none detrimental way to our surroundings and the environment whilst also trying to enhance the local wildlife.

We are members of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) and as such have made a commitment to the way we produce our product.


The schools, cubs, gardening club, Guernsey Growers Association visits help us show the community how we grow our crops in a friendly way with consideration to wildlife, environment and the public while producing a safe quality product.